SALTO Inclusion Activities in 2017


Making Inclusion & Diversity stronger in Europe

In 2014, we developed the ‘Inclusion & Diversity Strategy in the field of Youth’. In order to to keep this strategy alive and continue to level out obstacles to inclusion in the Erasmus+ programme for young people with fewer opportunities, we will:

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Providing opportunities for young refugees and young people in a NEET situation

For the period 2014-2016 SALTO Inclusion focused on young people in a NEET situation (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training). In 2017, we follow-up on the work we embarked on with:

  • "Under the same roof" - seminar on cross-sectoral cooperation on inclusion, with specific focus on addressing Roma and issues in rural areas (24 – 27 October 2017, Romania). Cooperation with NA Romania 
  • “Work with young people in NEET situation: Training Modules”, Cooperation with NA Sweden & NA Latvia.
  • Newly arrived migrants (refugees) are in a delicate situation and more often than not end up being NEET. SALTO Inclusion will connect to the NA KA3 project that focusses on the integration of refugees and capture and disseminate useful practices to the rest of Europe. Together with the NA consortium, SALTO Inclusion will make sure that refugees also benefit from Erasmus+ opportunitieswe propose a number of relevant activities, partnerships, publications, tools... for youth workers and other stakeholders:

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Connecting to the wider world

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Inclusion tools & Publications

Trainers & TOY

  • Further developments of TOYdatabase
  • Participation in relevant trainer meetings to promote and collect feedback on TOY and make the tool (even) more user-friendly and effective.

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  • Inclusion of ALLInclusion of ALL
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