2019 - SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed Training Calendar

SALTO-YOUTH EUROMED is presenting the 2019 calendar.

Here you can find events and all the activities proposed in cooperation with the National Agencies of Youth within Erasmus + where the SALTO-YOUTh EuroMed RC will support the sending of MEDA participants.

The calendar will be updated throughout the year.

Activities co-organised by SALTO EuroMed



Target group

Youth work against violent radicalisation: competencies developement training

Applications closed.


4/9 March

The training is open to all the youth workers and practitioners interested in reinforce their personal and professional competencies in working in building community resilience.

Conference: Recognise it! Inspiration to Advance

Applications closed.

Italy 14/17 avril

- People already having links with recognition initiatives who would like to improve youth work at local, regional, national and international level.

- People who contributed to the research.

National Tool Fair in FR language (Foire aux outils pédagogiques francophone), Paris 2019

Paris 27/29 mai

The French National Agency in cooperation with the SALTO EuroMed & Good Practices Resource Centre and with the support of the CNAJEP, the 4th Tool Fair in French language on 27-29 May 2019 in Paris.

This 4th French educational tools fair is open to all creators / users of educational tools, able to present their tools and work in French.

Seminar/Study Visit: Female Entrepreneurship


Application Deadline: 26th of July


Lebanon 23-28 September

The training is open to:

who is dealing directly with young people as youth workers, trainers, VET providers, ect;

who is active in the field of women empowerment in politics and social entrepreneurship;

women active in politics or in social entrepreneurship;

Study Visit: Youth work against violent radicalisation

Applications closed

Belgium 14/18 October Youth workers working on the topic of radicalisation

14th International Tool Fair

Application closed

Finland 4/8 November  Youth workers, trainers, experts

Activities where SALTO EuroMed will support MEDA participants


EPLM Conference:Power of Learning Mobility, 

Applications closed.

Belgium 1/4 April 2019 Youth workers

Game Changing

Applications closed. 

Cyprus 7/11 May

1. Youth work practitioners with experience in the fields of women’s empowerment and/or youth participation in civic life and decision-making, and/or social inclusion of under-represented groups, as well as with experience/an interest in collaborating with the football/sport sector.

2. “Young champions” – young changemakers aged 18 to 30, active in their communities, sport clubs or organisations, with a strong interest in football, willing to develop collaborative projects with the other actors involved in this initiative.

3. Representatives of National Football Federations/Associations with an interest in the themes of the project (youth participation, social inclusion and women’s empowerment) and with the capacity to develop new initiatives in their organisations, or implement constructive changes in the existing policies and programmes that will be generated as outcomes of this project.

EUR0PEAN ACADEMY ON YOUTH WORK: Innovation, Current Trends and Developments in Youth Work

Applications closed

Slovenia 21/24 May

Experienced youth workers, paid and/or volunteers, from all levels (local, regional, national, European) and representatives of NGOs and

- Professionals in areas with relevance for the youth sector, such as

  • representatives of youth work policies and public services, National Agencies and other youth work structures,
  • trainers and educators in the field of youth work (education) and
  • professionals from the fields of science and research.

The calendar is subject to updates.


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