Deadline for accreditation forms

In 2017 the field visit will be organised following the above calendar.
If your NGO would like to host or send volunteers, first of all you should fill in the accreditation form fitting all the requirement (formal and quality)  as in the Guidelines for accreditation.

Salto-Youth Euromed will vefify that the accreditation form is valide from the formal point of view (PIC, all the documents related to the legal entity, etc) and then will assign the accreditation to  extenal experts that will visit the NGOs and validate the accreditation in the details.

Pay attention to the following deadlines:

If you are an NGO from Tunisia, Morocco or Algeria please to apply for your accreditation before 31/05/2017 so we will be able to plan a field visit from July 2017.

If you are an NGO from Jordan, Egypt, Lebonon, Palestine or Israel please apply fro your accreditation before the 21/07/2017 so we will be able to plan a field visit from September 2017.

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