Schedule of Info Centres' key activities in 2018

Country Activities
  • 22-23 February: seminar on Erasmus+ updates for 2018, Yerevan *
  • April-September: 3 "Info Centre comes to YOUth" info sessions in communities, where organisations and young people who have less opportunities to learn about the programme
  • April and June: trainings for EVS mentors
  • March-November: "Formal education meets non-formal learning", meetings in universities in at least 3 cities of the country
  • June: info event by the occasion of Ijevan being youth capital of Armenia
  • 12 August: promotional activities in Gyumri by the occasion of International Youth Day *
  • 10 October: info sessions in Ijevan and Dilijan
  • October-November: Erasmus+ national info days in Gyumri (31.10) and Yerevan (6.11) , in cooperation with E+ national office
  • November: info sessions in Martuni and Gavar
  • November: National Tool Fair in Yerevan
  • December: training on E+ youth projects development
  • December: #EP_Armenia end of the year event
  • 23rd May: Erasmus+ event: press conference and meeting with stakeholders *
  • 10 info meetings for organisations and young people who have less opportunities to learn about the programme (Gazakh, Dashkasan, Shamkir, Samukh, Goygol, Astara districts as well as Baku, Shaki and Mingachevir cities and others...)
  • info sessions in Ganja educational institutions
  • monthly webinars
  • 3 regional Erasmus+ one-day events for organisations and young people who have less opportunities to learn about the programme (10 June: Vitebsk, 7 July: Gomel, August-September: Brest)
  • 20 October: training of renewed local multipliers network
  • November-December: 10 local activities organised in cooperation with local multipliers
  • November-December: training for mentors in volunteering projects
  • 24 workshops in Tbilisi: 12 workshops for the NGOs and public organisations and 12 for interested young people
  • workshops in municipalities of Zugdidi, Gori, Sagarejo, Tskaltubo, Batumi, Marneuli, Kutaisi and others, with special focus at Erasmus+ volunteering’s projects as well as Strategic Partnerships and Capacity Building activities (KA2)
  • 23-25 November: Forum on youth participation and youth policy development at local level "Triangle of Youth" *
  • 17-18 February: "Erasmus+ youth 4 the Eastern Partnership region" training course, focusing at Capacity Building activities (KA2)
  • 9 May: youth conference in Cahul by the occasion of Europe Day
  • 12 May: promotional activities in Chisinau, in cooperation with local E+ national office
  • 9 June: NGO fair in Chisinau
  • 18-20 July: "Welcome" training course for newcomers in Erasmus+
  • July-August: 3 training courses on KA1 opportunities for young people and youth organisations
  • 12 August: promotional activities in Chisinau and Cahul by the occasion of International Youth Day *
  • September-November: info meetings in Balti, Comrat, Cahul and Chisinau
  • November: workshop for youth organisations by the occasion of national conference for youth NGOs
  • 5 December: promotional activity in Chisinau by the occasion of International Volunteer Day
  • 28 February: webinar for young people about opportunities of Erasmus+ Youth
  • 27 March: webinar about EVS and accreditation for NGOs
  • March-May: "Yes, you can!" info-campaign in 13 Russian cities with 23 presentations for young people and organisations
  • May: photo-contest “My plus with Erasmus+”
  • 25 May: webinar “Online tools for NGOs”
  • 15 June: webinar about youth exchanges and mobility of youth workers
  • October-November: "Yes, you can!" info-campaign, second edition
  • November: info meeting in Tomsk
  • 8-9 December: E+ workshops in south of Russia (Stavropol, Krasnodar, Volgograd) *
  • 25 January: "How to prepare E+ project" webinar
  • 26 February: "Eastern Partnership Youth Window" webinar
  • 28 February: info meeting in Mykolaiv
  • 11 April: "How to prepare E+ project" webinar
  • 24 April: living library in Lutsk
  • 19-20 May: promotional activities in Sumy by the occasion of Europe Day
  • 20 June: "Mobilities for youth workers" webinar
  • 18 July: presentation of Erasmus+ in Mariupol
  • 30 August: European Solidarity Corps webinar
  • August: beginning of video contest for Erasmus+ beneficiaries
  • 18 October: living library in Kyiv
  • 5-6 November: presentations of Erasmus+ in Sievierodonetsk and Kramatorsk
  • 13 December: living library in Dnipro
  • December: "Changes in Erasmus+ in 2019" webinar
  • December: closure of video contest

* activities with planned representation of SALTO EECA staff members

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