What is the Erasmus+ Programme?

Erasmus+ is the European Union's programme in the field of education, training, youth and sport implemented from 2014 until 2020.

In the field of youth, Erasmus+ supports the following actions opened for cooperation with organisations from Eastern Europe and the Caucasus:

  • Mobility of young people and youth workers (under Key Action 1) promoting youth exchanges as well as training and seminars for youth workers;
  • Strategic Partnerships (under Key Action 2) support the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices as well as
    the implementation of joint initiatives promoting cooperation, peer learning and exchanges of experience at European level.
  • Capacity Building in the field of Youth (under Key Action 2) offering civil society fellowships as well as partnerships for entrepreneurship.
  • Involvement of young people and youth organisations in the Structured Dialogue (under Key Action 3) through their participation in international meetings, conferences and events that promote dialogue between young people and decision makers


  • To improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, and youth workers, as well as to promote participation in democratic life in Europe and the labour market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity;
  • To foster quality improvements in youth work, in particular through enhanced cooperation between organisations in the youth field and/or other stakeholders;
  • To complement policy reforms at local, regional and national level and to support the development of knowledge and evidence-based youth policy as well as the recognition of non-formal and informal learning;
  • To enhance the international dimension of youth activities.

The Erasmus+ programme guide describes details of each action, including practical information for interested organisations.

  • Key Actions in the field of Youth

    Information about the key actions of the Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth open for Eastern Partnership countries and Russian Federation.

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