Cultural Diversity Resources

Find resources produced by SALTO and others to provide you with inspiration and concrete tools to develop future youth projects on Cultural Diversity

  • Find a Cultural Diversity Trainer

    If you are setting up a training project that deals with anti-racism or promoting tolerance between different ethnical, religious, cultural groups, you can find international, experienced trainers and resource people from the youth field here.

  • Find a Cultural Diversity Training Tool

    Browse through to find tools, training methods, simulation games, background texts, presentations, and official reports. Take a look at SALTO Cultural Diversity's previous training courses, perfect for ideas for your future activities on Cultural Diversity.

  • Find a Cultural Diversity Training Course

    Are you looking for a specific training activity from the past dealing with Cultural Diversity issues? Please click here to use the European Training Calendar search engine.

  • Further Links to Cultural Diversity

    Many resources on Cultural Diversity already exist - 'We don't need to reinvent the wheel!' Look no further to get inspiration of good examples already well documented on the web.

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