We Are All Europeans

The We Are All Europeans booklet aims to convey a positive and empowering image of youth with a migrant and minority background by highlighting how youth projects can empower young people to see cultural diversity as an asset, and migration as an opportunity.

In Europe, there continues to be inequality faced by young people from a migrant background, who are often victims of discrimination and are stereotyped negatively by the media.

It was in this context that SALTO Cultural Diversity felt the need to create the We Are All Europeans booklet.

SALTO Cultural Diversity hopes that the booklet will:

  • inspire ideas to set up youth projects;
  • inform about funding opportunities;
  • inform more about migrant and minority youth in the EU;
  • give tips and inspiration to include and value culturally diverse youth.

The guide is designed to support young people and youth workers to create intercultural youth projects using effective educational and project planning tools and, if applicable, Youth in Action funding.

The structure of the guide follows the project planning cycle and is divided into three main parts:

  • Five key actions, around the themes of ‘empowering’, ‘informing’, ‘including’, ‘bringing communities together’ and ‘participating’ (ideas generation and project planning);
  • Funding for your youth project (financial tools to transform ideas into reality);
  • Reaching more young people and connecting to others (project promotion and dissemination)

Note: the booklet contains a few references to the Youth in Action programme. This has now been replaced by Erasmus+.  


The following downloads are available:

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