Building Bridges in Conflict Areas

Conflicts, clashes, fights, and misunderstandings all influence young people all around Europe. In this report, you are invited to an overview of the methods, theories, and tools for a better understanding of conflict resolution.

The Turkish National Agency, SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus, SALTO South-East Europe, and SALTO Cultural Diversity worked together on this educational report for youth work in conflict areas.

Throughout this booklet, symbolic questions were raised:

  • How to encourage young people and create a safe atmosphere for non-formal learning in places, such as suburbs of Paris or towns and villages of so-called disputed territories in South-East Europe (e.g. Kosovo) and in Eastern Europe and Caucasus (e.g. South Ossetia)?
  • How to help young people overcome clashes and intolerance in migrant societies of Spain, Denmark, or Russia?
  • What kind of activities should we undertake to let young people from different sides of conflict interact?
  • What are the basic principles of non-formal learning in such contexts?

Find more information about Peace Education and Conflict Management by clicking here.

We hope that it will play an important role on the path towards conflict resolution and peace transformation in Europe, especially between young people. Let us know about your feelings and your needs in the comments box below or by sending an e-mail to

This publication is freely downloadable.


Reproduction and use for non-commercial purposes - except from the part protected by another copyright than SALTO's - is permitted provided the source is mentioned and is notified.

Different methods for conflict resolution were taken from the book 'Responding to Conflict' by Simon Fisher and are under the copyright of Zed Books.

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