Travelling Cultural Diversity Folder Pack

This folder inspired by three years of SALTO Cultural Diversity training courses, that ran between 2002 and 2004, draws on activities, methods, resources, information, and suggestions that can help with your international youth work and training.

This booklet intends to make the anti-racism and diversity educational activities available to a wider variety of people in different contexts.
Therefore, it addresses educational activities exploring how we deal with the ways people form personal and social identities through the continuous interplay of previous knowledge and new learning opportunities as we move through the different stages of our life.

More than 90 training tools are available, each related to a specific Cultural Diversity issue:

  • Anti-racism
  • Disability
  • Citizenship
  • Conflict management
  • Group dynamics
  • Intercultural learning
  • Personal development
  • Project management
  • Including diversity in your work
  • Voluntary Service
  • Youth programme

Find more information about Cultural Diversity in Youth Projects by clicking here.

We hope the folder pack will be a useful resource and that it helps your training activities in Cultural Diversity and anti-racism in the youth field. Please, let us know about your needs and feedback via the comments box below or by e-mailing to

This publication is freely downloadable.

Reproduction and use for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided the source is mentioned and is notified.

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