Measuring the Success of Cultural Diversity Projects

As a new or already experienced youth leader working with young people from culturally diverse backgrounds, this booklet can be useful to gain a greater understanding of creating a more inclusive policy of working with marginalised youth.

Most of the information in this booklet is the result of extensive consultation with youth workers to identify the key ingredients that make projects both culturally appropriate and accessible for young people who, because of their ethnic, religious, or cultural identity, are traditionally excluded (or who exclude themselves) from mainstream youth programmes and activities.

What kind of information will you find?

  • Background to measuring success of Cultural Diversity projects
  • Assessing what makes a Cultural Diversity project successful
  • Benefits of using and integrating arts and creativity into your Cultural Diversity projects
  • Checklist and questions for reflection when measuring the success of Cultural Diversity projects
  • Other ways of recognising and valuing success

Find more information about Cultural Diversity in Youth Projects by clicking here.

Hopefully this booklet will be an inspiration for further work and new projects related to Cultural Diversity in the youth field. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback via the comments box below or by e-mail to

This publication is freely downloadable.

Reproduction and use for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided the source is mentioned and is notified.


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