Language & Culture on Trial

To understand what Intercultural Communication is and in order not to propose a dictionary of terms, which would be like grasping the intangible, this booklet brings together different case studies and experience taken from European youth leaders.

Participants of training courses for international youth work often feel disconnected from each other due to communication not being as 'sensitive' or 'effective' as it could be. That's why SALTO Cultural Diversity in co-operation with the British Council Brussels decided to run the Effective and Sensitive Intercultural Communication seminar.

This booklet included calling on the past experience of participants, their knowledge and reflections, the result of their confrontations, and the unexpected impact of the intercultural experience on their group relationship.

Enriched by such material, trying to relate it to existing theoretical models in the intercultural field and in the field of English teaching, SALTO Cultural Diversity decided to put Language and Culture on trial! It's up to you to judge!

Find more information about Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue by clicking here.

We hope you find this booklet stimulating and that it will encourage you to add your thoughts to the topic. We look forward of your judgements, so feel free to leave a comment below or send us an e-mail to

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