Faith, Religion, and Dialogue Educational Report

This report is not a definitive guide, an academic text, a comprehensive toolkit for trainers, but a starting point for aiding and promoting learning in Faith, Religion, and the Dialogue between them.

Most of the content is based on the words, ideas, and experience of around 60 participants and trainers at two training events organised by SALTOs Cultural Diversity, Euro-Med, and Eastern Europe and Caucasus as well as the Turkish and British National Agencies for the Youth in Action programme.

This booklet is aimed at youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, and anyone else with an active interest in issues related to youth, faith, and inter-religious dialogue.

It can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Contribution to your awareness-raising media
  • Inspiration and information about the design of training activities
  • Helping to develop training materials and tools for training
  • A reference document if you are producing a project proposal
  • Stimulating debate, discussion, and dialogue
  • Raising questions and offering some solutions
  • For self-development for those new to the topic
  • Inspiration to encourage engagement in this tricky subject

Find more information about Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue by clicking here.

Feel free to read through all the text or to dip into chapters but whatever happens, we hope that this report will meet in a way or another with your needs. Let us know your feedback in the comments box below or by e-mailing to

This publication is freely downloadable.


Reproduction and use for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided the source is mentioned and is notified.


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