Exploring Quality in Cultural Diversity Training

As quality is one of the most important and most discussed issues in youth work, this booklet aims at presenting a brief overview of the field of Cultural Diversity and questioning how to increase it for future training.

The inspiration for this booklet came from the Happening on Quality in Cultural Diversity organised by SALTO Cultural Diversity in co-operation with the Portuguese National Agency.

Believing that questioning is one of the most powerful tools in stimulating your own definitions of Cultural Diversity, our approach is questioning rather than trying to give concrete answers to such a diverse issue.

Here are some of the questions raised in this booklet:

  • What has the most influence: society on individuals or individuals on society?
  • How is culture changing with cyberspace and globalisation?
  • Can you be part of a team where one member is against some of your values?
  • Are we restricted to rules and regulations that are enforced on us by 'culture'?
  • Why do people migrate?

Find more information about Cultural Diversity in Youth Projects by clicking here.

We hope this booklet provides some inspiration and new ideas for you, your training, and your other events. We welcome your thoughts at diversity@salto-youth.net or in the comments box below. In this way, you are given a voice, and who knows, maybe even affect the next 'current' criteria for our training courses.

This publication is freely downloadable.

Read also about the sister publication Quality in Projects, downloading it from here.

Reproduction and use for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided the source www.salto-youth.net/diversity is mentioned and diversity@salto-youth.net is notified.


The following downloads are available:

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