Exploring Quality in Cultural Diversity Projects

Many international youth projects are run in the field of Cultural Diversity today. This booklet aims to help you reflect upon your own experience as well as provide you with ideas taken from the best existing practice which can contribute to Quality in future Cultural Diversity projects.

The inspiration for this booklet came from the Quality in Cultural Diversity Projects seminar in co-operation with SALTO Cultural Diversity and the Turkish National Agency. While reading the booklet, you will find several references and outcomes from the event.

This booklet explores Quality in Cultural Diversity through three main parts:

  • Diving into Cultural Diversity: reflection on the understanding related to culture and quality in youth projects aiming at Cultural Diversity
  • Best practice in Cultural Diversity projects: tools, methods, recommendations, and tips for working with Cultural Diversity youth projects
  • Next practice in Cultural Diversity: guidance and tools for personal learning in Cultural Diversity and approaching it in youth work practice

Find more information about Cultural Diversity in Youth Projects by clicking here.

We hope this booklet provides some inspiration and new ideas for you and your future projects. Please, tell us what you think of it or any other feedback by writing to diversity@salto-youth.net or by leaving a comment below.

This publication is freely downloadable.

Read also about the sister publication Quality in Training, downloading it from here.

Reproduction and use for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided the source www.salto-youth.net/diversity is mentioned and diversity@salto-youth.net is notified.


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