A Guide to European Diversity

Europe has always been diverse, and it is becoming more so. This booklet finds out why and how this diversity can bring benefits, presenting some project examples to inspire you.

This brochure gives a glimpse of reasons why Europe should celebrate its diversity and aims to stimulate new ideas for initiatives that can do more to promote diversity and fight for equality and tolerance.

Chapters included in this booklet:

  • Understanding diversity in Europe: find out why and how European diversity can bring benefits
  • Recognising racism and discrimination: non-discrimination and equality are not just empty ideals, these rights are enshrined in international, European, and national laws
  • Tackling racism through awareness raising and education: find out some of the approaches and tools available to change attitude and behaviour
  • Inspiring projects and activities: here are some project examples to inspire you
  • Finding out more: this offers a signpost to many sources of information available on the net

Find more information about Cultural Diversity in Youth Projects by clicking here.

We hope this booklet will provide help and support for European young people in Cultural Diversity issues, activities, and projects. All your thoughts are welcome, feel free to post comments below or send us an e-mail to diversity@salto-youth.net.

This publication is freely downloadable and available in English, French, and German.

Reproduction and use for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided the source www.salto-youth.net/diversity is mentioned and diversity@salto-youth.net is notified.


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