Cultural Diversity Publications

Cultural Diversity Publications

We have developed a series of publications to support cultural diversity in European youth work and beyond. You can order copies or download for free!

  • Value the Difference Resource Pack

    SALTO Cultural Diversity has created a resource pack for youth workers across Europe based on the individual themes of its long running network course, ‘Value the Difference’.


  • We Are All Europeans

    The We Are All Europeans booklet aims to convey a positive and empowering image of youth with a migrant and minority background by highlighting how youth projects can empower young people to see cultural diversity as an asset, and migration as an opportunity.

  • Intercultural Competence Research Report

    This research aims at giving validity to the 'working definition' of Intercultural Competence created for SALTO Cultural Diversity as well as linking the current practice to theory. The report elicits how far the qualities within Intercultural Competence can be part of youth work practice, and it illustrates them with real examples to make the definition operational.

  • The Sky is the Limit - An Interactive Guide for Youth Projects on Interfaith Dialogue

    Interfaith Dialogue is not only for ‘religious people’; everybody can participate. This interactive guide will take youth workers on a journey through faith, belief, and how to build projects to encompass different perspectives in your youth & community projects.

  • Understanding You(th)

    Exploring identity and its role in international youth work.

  • Building Bridges in Conflict Areas

    Conflicts, clashes, fights, and misunderstandings all influence young people all around Europe. In this report, you are invited to an overview of the methods, theories, and tools for a better understanding of conflict resolution.

  • Youth in Action and the Roma Community

    This booklet showcases some of the work completed within the Youth in Action programme with and for Roma communities in Europe to raise awareness of possibilities through non-formal education for greater inclusion of this important minority.

  • ON Intercultural Dialogue

    This leaflet aims at answering the how, where, and what ways you can be more successful on the topic of Intercultural Dialogue.

  • Intercultural Communication Resource Pack

    This resource pack contains a set of tools and methods for youth activities, some personal insights of other youth workers involved in Intercultural Communication projects as well as theoretical inputs and references for further work in this area.

  • Reflections Based on Ideas from the Intercultural Competence Round Table

    Intercultural Competence is still a new term and concept in the youth field in Europe. This booklet is based on ideas and discussions from participants who attended the Round Table on Intercultural Competence in June 2009 in Rome, Italy.

  • Make Use of the Youth in Action Programme

    This booklet is available in several languages, it will help you discover opportunities offered by the Youth in Action programme, make the application process easier to understand, and encourage you to develop projects with young people yourself.

  • Youth in Action Programme Posters

    These posters are translated into different languages and can be used by youth organisations and National Agencies to promote the Youth in Action programme across different linguistic communities.

  • ID Booklet IDeas for Inclusion and Diversity

    This booklet leads you step by step through the issues linked with Inclusion and Diversity in international youth projects and local youth work. It gives youth workers concrete tools for making their projects and youth work more inclusive and reaching a diverse target audience.

  • Exploring Quality in Cultural Diversity Projects

    Many international youth projects are run in the field of Cultural Diversity today. This booklet aims to help you reflect upon your own experience as well as provide you with ideas taken from the best existing practice which can contribute to Quality in future Cultural Diversity projects.

  • Exploring Quality in Cultural Diversity Training

    As quality is one of the most important and most discussed issues in youth work, this booklet aims at presenting a brief overview of the field of Cultural Diversity and questioning how to increase it for future training.

  • Faith, Religion, and Dialogue Educational Report

    This report is not a definitive guide, an academic text, a comprehensive toolkit for trainers, but a starting point for aiding and promoting learning in Faith, Religion, and the Dialogue between them.

  • Language & Culture on Trial

    To understand what Intercultural Communication is and in order not to propose a dictionary of terms, which would be like grasping the intangible, this booklet brings together different case studies and experience taken from European youth leaders.

  • Measuring the Success of Cultural Diversity Projects

    As a new or already experienced youth leader working with young people from culturally diverse backgrounds, this booklet can be useful to gain a greater understanding of creating a more inclusive policy of working with marginalised youth.

  • Peer Education Approach in Cultural Diversity

    This booklet is not an in-depth encyclopaedia covering all aspects of Peer Education and Cultural Diversity, but it can be used as an essential guide of tips and tricks to get you moving on your own peer projects.

  • Travelling Cultural Diversity Folder Pack

    This folder inspired by three years of SALTO Cultural Diversity training courses, that ran between 2002 and 2004, draws on activities, methods, resources, information, and suggestions that can help with your international youth work and training.

  • A Guide to European Diversity

    Europe has always been diverse, and it is becoming more so. This booklet finds out why and how this diversity can bring benefits, presenting some project examples to inspire you.

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