Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

What measures and actions does Erasmus+: Youth in Action (2014-2020) have to support inclusion and diversity projects? 

The Inclusion & Diversity Strategy lists the specific possibilities for youth work with young people with fewer opportunities.

Why is this Strategy needed?

  • To achieve greater impact in targeting young people with fewer opportunities
  • To ensure that Erasmus+ responds positively to inclusion & diversity in the youth field
  • To make inclusion & diversity projects easier

How can the ID Strategy help you?

  • By helping you to understand the current political context
  • By giving you a clear idea whom & what we talk about
  • By presenting  support features and option in Erasmus+: Youth  for inclusion and diversity projects
  • By providing tips and practical guidance on how to organise quality inclusion and diversity projects
  • By inspiring you through Inclusion & Diversity project examples.

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