Learn More about Cultural Diversity in Youth Projects

Tools and methods developed by the Council of Europe and the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

T-kit on Intercultural Learning

The partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe publish a series of Training Kits on different subjects. The T-kit 'Intercultural learning' gathers theoretical inputs and a set of methods and activities, energisers, individual and group exercises, role plays, and simulation games.
Available in English, Français, Deutsch, български, Eesti, Italiano, Português, Lietuviškas, Magyarul, Polski, Româna, Srpski, Türkçe, and Česky.

All Different All Equal Education Pack

Key concepts, activities, and methods for intercultural education, understand how to work with diversity and overcome discriminations and racism.
Available in English and French.

COMPASS, a manual on human rights education with young people

Created by the Council of Europe, COMPASS provides you with ideas, inspiration, and motivation to venture into the field of human rights education with young people. Lots of activities and methods are proposed.
Available in English, French, Arabic, and Russian.

Feel free to add resources by sending us an e-mail to diversity@salto-youth.net.

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