Cultural Diversity

SALTO-YOUTH promotes Cultural Diversity

Europe is there for ALL its citizens. Therefore, the European Commission and SALTO-YOUTH work together to ensure that Cultural Diversity is understood, respected, and promoted all around Europe.

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  • Cultural Diversity Activities

    2014 activities for young people, youth workers, and National Agencies to foster cultural diversity in international youth work.

    Cultural Diversity Activities
  • Cultural Diversity Topics

    Responding to agencies' needs, we always keep one foot on the ground to ensure our activities have grassroots youth work as a core element.
    We look forward to working with you and others in the field of youth on these significant topics.

    Cultural Diversity Topics
  • Cultural Diversity Publications

    We have developed a series of publications to support cultural diversity in European youth work and beyond. You can order copies or download for free!

    Cultural Diversity Publications
  • Cultural Diversity Resources

    Find resources produced by SALTO and others to provide you with inspiration and concrete tools to develop future youth projects on Cultural Diversity.

    Cultural Diversity Resources
  • About SALTO Cultural Diversity

    SALTO Cultural Diversity provides training and resources for youth leaders across Europe looking at culture, identity, faith, ethnicity, etc.

    About SALTO Cultural Diversity