Symposium Youth Policy Cooperation in South East Europe: focus on recognition of non-formal learning and youth work

The symposium about recognition of youth work and non-formal learning was organised jointly by the SALTO SEE and SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centres, the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth, Interkulturelles Zentrum - the Austrian National Agency of the Youth in Action programme, the Slovenian National Agency of the Youth in Action programme and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport of Albania in Tirana from 30th September to 3rd October 2012.

Over 70 youth workers and youth leaders, policy makers and researchers, mainly from the countries of South East Europe, but also from other European countries, including Eastern Europe and Caucasus, came together in Tirana, Albania, to reflect and exchange on youth policy cooperation in the SEE region and the wider Europe and to push forward the recognition of youth work and non-formal learning/education in their countries.

The symposium focused on the question of how to make youth work more useful, valuable and recognised. Placing the discussion into current debates around the value and validation of non-formal learning, employability, but also active citizenship, questions for discussion included: What do we understand by recognition of non-formal learning/education and youth work? Why do we want to further develop non-formal learning and youth work? What measures are needed/can help to promote the recognition at different levels?

Through panel discussions, presentation of examples of good practice in the field taken by different actors and open share of experience, the symposium encouraged peer learning and reflection. In national or regional "recogntion teams" participants also prepared plans for taking further action in their own environments following the conference. 

The programme and outcomes of the symposium can be downloaded here.

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