Euro-Med Youth Awards Winners

Euro-Med Youth projects were under the spotlight last week in Cairo during the “Euro-Med Youth Awards”. No less than nine projects were rewarded. The jury selected 8 projects as examples of good practice in Euro-Med Youth cooperation. An additional award was given by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures to highlight an original approach to intercultural dialogue in youth cooperation. (see list of awarded projects below)

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Some 54 participants from 23 different countries were selected out of 228 applications.

The week was organised around formal and non-formal activities. The European Commission exposed its perspectives on future Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and partnership. It outlined its position on the global approach and the role of non formal education and youth.
The Euro-Med Platform also gave a review of its activities and plans for the future.

Participants were able to present their projects, share good practices, propose new projects and find partners during the numerous workshops, debriefing sessions and partner's market. These were very fruitful as from 62 new projects ideas, 39 concrete proposals were formulated amongst participants, based on the following themes: Active citizenship, place of women in society, fight against racism and xenophobia, environment and heritage protection, minority rights and other themes.

An event like the "Euro-Med Youth Awards" is more than just conferences and project evaluations. It's also about getting to know each other's cultures, countries and heritage.

After the hard days' work, participants and organisers gathered for intercultural events. Participants wore traditional costumes during the Intercultural Learning evening. Tables were dressed with national delicacies from both sides of the Mediterranean. During the "Euro-Med Artistic Night", participants shared artistic testimonies from their country. Rui, from Portugal, sang a bossanova song by Astrud Gilberto, while Miguel Angel read some of his own poetry. The crowd joined in when Haytham, from Alexandria, who played a traditional Egyptian song. It was indeed an intercultural experience to see two Austrians, Leo and Jurgen, dancing in full Tyrolian apparel.

This international event was the high point of a week of intercultural exchange and debate organised to mark the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration and the achievements of the Euro-Med Youth Programme.

Mrs Suzanne Mubarak, 1st Lady of Egypt, presented the Euro-Med Youth Awards and the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation Award to the following projects:

"Identity through Celebration" Young people invited to reflect on the impact of globalization on their own cultural identity through their celebrations customs.
"Meda Euro Tales" Tales as tool to build up a common multicultural artistically performance and to reflect about the moral behind.
"Integration of women into the society" This study visit aimed to contribute to eliminate all discriminations towards the women and to promote equal chance for them.
"Meet the history - understand the present - improve the future" Young people reflected on how to combat xenophobia on the background of the cultures and religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity; their history, the present situation and improving the living together.
"Double Swords of the Arts" Volunteers from different cultures were helping youth with great difficulties: mentally and physically disabled.
"History and Religion" It aimed to show the coexistence between the different religions and to illustrate that religion is a factor in building people's lives through History.
"Two Shores for a common ground" Training together youth workers from the both side of the Mediterranean sea to improve their skills for promoting youth exchanges.
"QuRR" (Qualitative Rural Reality") The role that communities, individuals and Young people play in enhancing the quality of life in rural area.
"Sails of Peace"
(Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation Award)
Sailing used as a tool for intercultural learning. 25 people from 7 different countries crossed the Mediterranean in 7 days, from Marseille (France) to Bizerte (Tunisia)


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