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#1MYouthpass Testimonials – The stories behind the numbers

In September 2019, the 1 millionth Youthpass was issued, highlighting the countless occasions of learning in European projects. To know more about Youthpass´ impact and the stories behind the numbers, the Youthpass Team opened a call for a friendly competition among the people who have been using it: the participants and the learning facilitators. 27 testimonials were received, all of which can be read or viewed here.

The testimonials confirm that the Youthpass empowers those that work with it in various ways and emphasise the role and influence of the learning facilitators in getting the most out of learning experiences. For many, the self-recognition is the biggest impact of Youthpass, as they see an improved awareness of themselves, their competences, and their motivations. They also mention how their “learning to learn” competence has developed and how they keep the habit of reflecting on their learning even after their projects.

Some participants have chosen to work as youth workers themselves following their participation in projects and now they facilitate the learning of others through Youthpass. Some have mentioned that they were inspired to develop instruments and practices for the recognition of non-formal and informal learning within their local context after their experiences with the Youthpass.

A few testimonials have mentioned that the better awareness on their competences helped them in job interviews and in general in their future professional steps. The value of Youthpass as a reminder of the precious experience of taking part in a European project was also mentioned.

Denisa Gordan -from Romania- is the audience winner of the competition, determined by the likes her Youthpass story received on social media. On her Youthpass story, she says: "By the time I went back home, I left Austria with wonderful yet educative memories, memorable experiences and new friends that helped me to develop as an individual even more."

A jury, composed of the Commission and National Agency representatives, Youthpass Advisory Group members, youth workers and a young person, chose the Youthpass testimonial of Nikolina Garača -Bosnia and Herzegovina- as the jury winner of the competition. Her testimonial said: "What I tried to portray in this story is a path I took from gaining my first Youthpass to gaining a few more, learning and growing through non-formal education, being able to secure jobs and scholarships for myself and, finally, discover my inner passion and find my dream job. To everyone second-guessing themselves: don’t. Try! There is nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain. Thanks, Youthpass!"

Denisa and Nikolina each won an eco-friendly, fair-trade travel backpack (from Ethnotek) that will hopefully accompany them in their future learning journeys.

We congratulate Denisa and Nikolina and thank all the participants of the competition for bringing the stories behind the numbers into light. We hope that these Youthpass stories inspire you and we are looking forward to your Youthpass stories the next time!

Youthpass Slogan Competition by the Croatian National Agency

Besides the #1MYouthpass testimonial competition by SALTO Training & Cooperation Resource Centre, The Croatian National Agency for European Youth programmes -Agencija za mobilnost i programe Europske unije- also organised a Youthpass slogan competition across Europe. The three winning slogans were:

1. "Youth pass(es) by, but knowledge and experiences stay for life! Make yourself a time traveller throughout Erasmus+ galaxy and enjoy in numerous projects!" by Matija Konječić from Croatia 
2. "Key for your life, key for your future" by Chabane Yannis Bachouchi from France
3. "Pass your Youth with style, get a Youth-pass." by David Bartolo from Malta

More information about the results of this competition can be found here. We thank Matija, Chabane Yannis and David and all the other participants and our colleagues in Croatian National Agency for their creativity and inspiration. You will be hearing these slogans!

Bulletin Board

Are you a Strategic Partnership or Transnational Youth Initiative project organiser in Erasmus+: Youth in Action? We are looking for your feedback on Youthpass in these projects, to understand what your Youthpass-related needs and expectations are. We are interested in the feedback from both those who used and those who did not use Youthpass in their Key Action 2 projects. Please fill in the short questionnaire here. For tips on how to approach Youthpass in such projects, have a look at these informative leaflets.

Open Calls

The call for the training course COMETS on ‘Designing educational programmes’ is out with the deadline to apply on November 16. The training will take place in Dunboyne, Ireland from 16th to 22nd February 2020 aiming to explore and reflect on one’s practice when designing educational programmes. More information and application form can be found here.

The Conference ‘Exploring the digital dimension of youth workers’ competences’ is open for applications until November 27 here. The conference seeks to explore the digital dimension of youth work by providing an overview of current developments and exploring competences of youth workers in existing competence models. The conference will take place in Vienna, Austria from 24th to 27th of February 2020.

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