Youthpass Newsletter November 2018

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You may have seen some of our recent big news through the Social Media already. Here we have put them all together for you:

  • We are hiring! Interested to become the Educational Advisor in our small SALTO Training and Cooperation team?
  • Youthpass is a recognition instrument for learning - also in the European Solidarity Corps.
  • Extra points upon presenting a Youthpass certificate in Lithuania
  • And last but not least, for trainers: A training opportunity to develop your skills to support reflection!

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We are hiring!

Illustration Empowering

Are you a firm advocate of non-formal learning; do you believe in the educational value of youth work... And wish to contribute to its recognition through Youthpass? Then this offer may be for you!

We are looking for an Educational Advisor whose role will be to develop and carry out various measures to support the implementation of Youthpass in Europe. The job will include developing educational activities and materials as well as contributing to the overall development of Youthpass, in the various aspects of the tool.

  • Have a look at the more detailed description of the vacancy, of the conditions and other details here, and apply by December 2, 2018!

Youthpass goes Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps has started. Within the projects supported by the Solidarity Corps, the participants can use Youthpass to document their learning process and outcomes from the project. Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps, expected to be launched in the first months of 2019, will look different from the Youthpass in Erasmus+, but the main aim of the tool will remain the same: to enable the participants to become better aware of and capable to present and use their learning outcomes.

In the weeks to come, we will compile and disseminate targeted support information for using Youthpass in European Solidarity Corps. But if you are planning or preparing a project within the Solidarity Corps already and are interested in some guidance about what to consider, then these links bellow may provide you with some helpful material.

  • The Programme Guide of the European Solidarity Corps includes some basic information about the non-formal and informal learning in the Corps' activities and about the importance of their recognition.
  • To plan the support to learning and reflection in your project, please have a look at the Handbooks section on the Youthpass website. We would like to point out two publications in particular: One 2 One reflects on supporting learning in individual work with young people; whereas Youthpass Unfolded explains the Youthpass process and suggests methods to implement it in various contexts.
  • The Letter to Volunteers - although not specifically adapted to the changing context yet - may help you to explain Youthpass to the participants of the European Solidarity Corps.

 Bulletin Board

  • We are very happy to inform you that since summer 2018, the young people who apply to enter bachelor studies in a higher education institution in Lithuania, can receive additional points when they submit their Youthpass certificate for long-term volunteering alongside other admission documents. You can find more information about this on the website of the Lithuanian National Agency (only in Lithuanian): Generally about the news, and from the point of view of an ex-volunteer who made use of the opportunity.
  • Thanks to the support of the National Agencies, the Erasmus+ Volunteering certificate is now available in Croatian, German and Spanish, next to the English version. You can find an overview of the available language versions of the Youthpass certificates here.

Open Calls

  • The Trainer Skills Workshop on THE ART TO REFLECT - About meaningful reflection in trainings” will take place in the Netherlands, with the arrival on February 26 evening and departures on March 1 after lunch. The trainers are Gabi Steinprinz and Joanna Wrońska. Deadline to apply: December 10. More information and the application form can be found here.

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