Youthpass Newsletter July 2018

Dear Readers,

There is summer out there, and we have a number of other good news to you, too!

  1. Our new practical publication ONE 2 ONE will help you develop your individual work with young people.
  2. Read below about the recent policy developments in the youth field and the place of recognition within.
  3. We are happy to bring you an infographic about Youthpass that showcases the impact that Youthpass has made.
  4. Within a Strategic Partnership project, captivating videos have been created that explain the Key Competences.
  5. If you are a trainer and would like to develop your skills to support reflection - make sure to save the dates of the training described below!

Enjoy the summer and the reading,

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Just Out! Handbook for Individual Support to Learning

The new practical handbook 'ONE 2 ONE. Supporting Learning Face-to-Face' may be especially interesting for you if you work individually with young people and if you aim to: raise their awareness about their personal development needs, help them recognise and make use of their own resources, develop their reflection skills... Download the publication or read it online!

  • The handbook ONE 2 ONE explains the concepts of individual support for learning, and provides a number of instruments, frameworks and methods that support the relationship with young people.

Policy. Recognition. Youthpass.

The last couple of months have been turbulent in field of youth policy developments. In all of them, recognition of youth work and/or of learning in youth work plays an important role.

On May 22, the European Commission published their proposal for the new EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027), which will be discussed and agreed by the Council of the European Union. The communication outlines three areas of action: Engage, Connect and Empower. Among others, it includes proposals that concern the various aspects of recognition:

  • Through EU-level cooperation, the Commission proposes to implement a youth work agenda to increase recognition of non-formal learning; and support grassroot activities addressing recognition, innovation and capacity-building of youth work.

  • The Member States are encouraged to: focus on promoting recognition of volunteering experiences and validation of learning outcomes; and to underpin the value of youth work with the help of appropriate and accepted recognition tools.

Secondly, on May 30 and in synergy with the Youth Strategy, the European Commission published the proposal for establishing 'Erasmus', the new programme for education, training, youth and sport; for years 2021-2027. In the proposal, the youth part of the programme is described in a separate chapter. The new programme should be more inclusive than the current one, reach out to more young people and support, among others, also virtual cooperation. The proposal points out that the recognition of skills and qualifications, as well as the validation of non-formal and informal learning should be supported. Among the measures within the key action 3, "Union tools and measures that foster the quality, transparency and recognition of competences and skills, in particular through Youthpass" will be supported.

And last but not least, the month of May brought along the Council Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. With the recommendation, the key competences have been revised and updated. On this occasion, also the competences framework on the Youthpass certificate will be updated. This is to be expected in autumn 2018, and will only concern the certificates that will be issued from then on.

  • The European Commission proposal for the EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027) can be read here.
  • The European Commission proposal for establishing the Erasmus programme is available here.
  • Read the whole Council Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning; the revised competences are listed in the Annex of the document. Background information, among others a fact sheet about the key competences can be found here

Bulletin Board

Did you know that 68% of the people who had presented Youthpass in an application process had found it helpful for that context? We created an infographic about Youthpass, to visualise the essentials together with some information about the impact that Youthpass has made. Find the infographic and other Youthpass leaflets online. If you would like to hand it out during an activity, you can easily print it out on a colour printer (preferably on a stronger paper).

Looking for an easy and captivating way of introducing the 8 Key Competences in your Erasmus+ youth projects? The young people and project leaders in the Strategic Partnership project 'Ignite Your Skills' developed 8 video tutorials to explain each of the Key Competences. The videos can be viewed here. As another interesting product of the project, a Book of Skills was developed. Find out more about the project on their FB page Ignite Your Skills.

Save the date - call for participants after summer

  • After the summer break, the call will be published for the Trainer Skills Workshop on THE ART TO REFLECT - About meaningful reflection in trainings”. The course will take place in the Netherlands, with the arrival on February 26 evening and departures on March 1 after lunch. The trainers are Gabi Steinprinz and Joanna Wrońska. The call will be published through the European Training Calendar, you can subscribe to notifications in the calendar or follow the posts on our Social Media channels.

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