Youthpass in European Solidarity Corps - June 2019 Newsletter

Youthpass available for the European Solidarity Corps participants

Taking part in a European Solidarity Corps project is a significant learning achievement for any young person. It is an opportunity to develop various competences and gain valuable professional experience by contributing to the work in multicultural teams, solving problems creatively, using a foreign language in managing everyday tasks, living independently in another European country… Now all participants of the Corps – across all project types – can receive a Youthpass certificate!

Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps has the same aim as in Erasmus+: to enable participants to become more aware of and better capable to present and use the learning outcomes they acquired during their participation in the projects. This is done by applying the so-called Youthpass process – continuous and supported reflection on learning – throughout the project life cycle.

The Youthpass certificate is a more compact document in the Corps than in Erasmus+, with a strong emphasis on the participant’s competence development. The certificate complements the confirmation of participation of the Corps. It includes the revised Key Competences for Lifelong Learning as the framework for describing the learning outcomes. Example certificates for each project type can be seen here.

How to start with Youthpass?

Youthpass process is implemented throughout the project life cycle and is managed by the organisers of the project. If you are new to Youthpass as a project organiser, these hints and resources will help you to take the first steps with Youthpass.

Working with the Youthpass process

  • It is a good idea to consider already in the initial phases of the project, how to support your participants in their reflection on learning.
  • Have a look at the Handbooks section on the Youthpass website for inspiration on how to work with Youthpass in your projects. We would like to especially point out One 2 One (supporting learning in individual work with young people) and Youthpass Unfolded (information on Youthpass process and suggested methods).
  • The Letter to Volunteers - although not adapted to the changed context yet - may help you explain Youthpass to the participants of the European Solidarity Corps.

Working with the Youthpass website

Soon to come

  • In the coming weeks, the certificates will also be made available in the languages of the Programme countries.
  • We will publish short informative materials on how to approach the Youthpass process in the various project types of the Solidarity Corps.

More information

You can contact your National Agency (or a regional SALTO-Youth Resource Centre) for more information on Youthpass implementation in the European Solidarity Corps, or the Youthpass Helpdesk at for further questions regarding technical and content related aspects of Youthpass.

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We wish you successful Solidarity Corps projects full of learning!

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