SALTO SEE RC Newsflash 1/2018

1. Erasmus+: Youth in Action –Opportunities for the Western Balkan region - New updated version of the brochure published

The publication Erasmus+: Youth in Action –Opportunities for the Western Balkan region covers the main information about the Programme relevant for potential beneficiaries from Partner countries in the Western Balkan region. The revised edition of 2018 integrates the recent changes. The publication can be downloaded on our website at

2. Support activities 2018 for youth workers and organisations from Partner countries in the Western Balkans 

2018 has opened many new opportunities for organisations from Partner countries in the Western Balkan region to apply for support activities within the Erasmus+: youth in Action Programme. The list of our activities and currently open calls can be found on our website at . More information about support activities is available here.

3. Erasmus+ volunteering activites (former EVS) related sub-pages updated

Due to the changes in Erasmus+: Youth in Action in 2018, where European Voluntary Service (EVS) has been replaced by Erasmus+ Volunteering activities, we have restructured our web page. We have introduced a new window called Erasmus+ Volunteering activities, which contains all relevant information connected to the Training and Evaluation cycle for volunteers and organisations and also other important pieces of information. Here are the new links:

4. Call for new accreditors for Volunteering projects

SALTO SEE is looking for new accreditors to join our pool. With the call we are aiming to find so-called 1st accreditors, so experts who reside in a country of the Western Balkans, especially from Kosovo and Albania. The call is available here and is open until 15th March 2018.

SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre - Who are we?

The SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre is hosted by Zavod MOVIT, the Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+, youth chapter. It promotes and supports the participation of young people, youth work practitioners and other actors in the field of youth and non-formal education from the Programme's Partner countries in the Western Balkans in the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme. Within the framework of the European integration of the Western Balkan region, SALTO SEE actively supports the process of accession of all countries of the region to the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme.

For more information about our work and activities, please consult or contact our office at: . Join SALTO SEE also on Facebook!


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