Looking forward, looking back - SALTO Network turned 15!

Do you know the new Inclusion and Diversity Strategy for the Erasmus+ programme?

Have you heard about the recent developments in the strategy for recognising non-formal learning and youth work?

What is the impact of Youthpass in one's learning process?

How has youth participation changed within last 15 years?

What does the youth work reality look like in the Neighbouring Partner Countries?

Looking Forward, Looking Back, a publication that SALTO Resource Centres have prepared for the 15th anniversary of the network, will answer these questions and many others. 

This publication will bring you closer to the range of expertise the SALTO Network offers to young people and youth workers across Europe and its neighbouring regions. In their articles, SALTO officers describe their work, the successes they are proud of and the challenges they still need to overcome. However, as the title of the publication says, its authors are not focusing only on the past but also look towards the future trying to follow new trends and building new strategies in the youth field.

The whole publication is available for downloading on the right panel.

Below you can find the list of articles written together or by particular SALTO RCs. You can download each of them separately. 

Enjoy the reading and stay with us for the next 15 years!

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